Musings about things related to culture and technology.

thesis postscript

Some thoughts about design and decentralization, inspired by my thesis at the Media Lab.

for vs like

What does it mean to create technologies (and I am always thinking in terms of interfaces) with respect to how our brains work?

a burning man and the Internet

Thoughts about Fred Turner's article on LOGIC mag.

Bret Victor talk at the Media Lab

I invited and hosted a talk by Bret Victor at the Media Lab in early 2018. Here are my thoughts about it.

art vs the neural net

My (very cliché) ideological struggle with the concept of "art" in the context of technology.

Architectural Intelligence, by Molly Wright Steenson

I read a great book (you should read it too!) and here are my thoughts about it.

Alan Kay's advice

My thoughts after watching a guest lecture Alan Kay gave to Paul Pangaro’s students in Detroit.