In Cuba, the Internet has another name, and it fits in the palm of your hand. It is a hard drive called “El Paquete semanal” (The Weekly Package) - a collection of one terabyte of information: shows, movies, music, PDFs, downloaded onto hard drives and distributed door-to-door. Whereas I am certainly not advocating for such a solution to Internet’s problematic features like its hyper-centralization and corporation-driven opaqueness, I do think that it is worth investigating how much we can decentralize the current layers of the Internetic stack.

The main motivation behind my thesis proposal is twofold. Firstly, can we eliminate centralization when it’s not necessary? Secondly, can we design and engineer distributed digital tools that promote community connectedness using storytelling? Leveraging the current momentum of peer-to-peer Internet protocols (dat, IPFS, Secure Scuttlebutt), I believe that we can start building prototypes that provide answers to the above.

I am using the thesis as an opportunity to participate in this experiment. You can follow my progress here .