You can follow my progress on personal research projects below. All of what you see is self initiated, and I am aware it might come across as underdeveloped. I am constantly coming back and iterating.

mTurk stories

I asked Amazon Mechanical Turk users to describe how they imagine Facebook, Apple and Amazon to look like if they were real people.

images vs sound

A file format exploration, this project uses audio to produce images.

internetic landscapes

A collection of images I created exploring tensions such as the informational overload, standardization of interfaces and reconceptualizing the Internet as a dimensional space.

the quiet spaces

A speculative interfaces research project that reimagines the most commonly used online interfaces stripped of their informational content.

patent aesthetic

A visual research project using US Patent imagery discovered by searching for the keywords "internet" and "interface".

you the user

Research project exploring how many times the word 'you' or variations of it is mentioned in Big Tech Keynote events.