During my time at the Media Lab I prototyped on a variety of software and hardware projects centered around questions of interfaces, decentralization and networks. Before that, I worked as an interaction designer and developer for Interactive Things, a Zurich-based web design, development and data visualization studio. Before that I built tools for medical imaging researchers and radiologists at Massachussets General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Recent freelance involves iterating on the design of an online learning platform on behalf of Visual Computing Group at Harvard, helping the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism develop an interactive atlas that explores how lighting in US metro areas relates to social public good, and designing/building the website for a friend's online publication.

You can find more information about past projects below.


I developed a Chrome plugin that automatically transforms a page to an abstract attentional tapestry.

patent aesthetic

A visual research project using US Patent imagery.

internet as an object

A set of playful physical objects forming a hyper-local network (Media Lab final project).

thesis postscript

Some thoughts about design and decentralization, inspired by my thesis at the Media Lab.

images vs sound

A file format exploration, this project uses audio to produce images.

internetic landscapes

Web interfaces as dimensional spaces.

internet as a city

If the Internet were a city, what would be its roads, buildings, and parks?

film photography

A small selection of my film photographs.

pen plotter prints

Various prints I have created using our (newly purchased) pen plotter.

you the user

How many times is the word 'you' mentioned in Big Tech Keynote events?

mTurk stories

Amazon mTurk users describe how Facebook, Apple and Amazon look like if they were real people.


I started wheel throwing last year, and it has been such a joy!


A freelance web design and development project for a publication by two young architects.

the quiet spaces

A speculative interfaces research project.

the road to school

An interactive storytelling experience about Syrian refugees and education.


A freelance web design and development project for a young architect.

thoughtless acts

A photographic exercise in seeing versus looking.

proof of dance - Media Lab project

How much (fake) Ethereum can you mine by playing Dance Dance revolution?

the benches

An interactive bench that plays audio when you sit on it (Media Lab class project).

a burning man and the Internet

Thoughts about Fred Turner's article on LOGIC mag.

Bret Victor talk at the Media Lab

I invited and hosted a talk by Bret Victor at the Media Lab in early 2018. Here are my thoughts about it.

medrec - Media Lab project

An open-source Ethereum based system to manage permissions to medical records using a blockchain.

traceForm - Media Lab class

Final project for 'Tangible Interfaces' class - simulating a browser environment for the visually impaired.

art vs the neural net

My (very cliché) ideological struggle with the concept of "art" in the context of technology.