I am always curious about thinking metaphorically about technology. I asked Amazon Mechanical Turk users to describe how they imagine Facebook, Apple and Amazon to look like if they were real people. Not sure why I forgot Google though…🤷 The (hopefully unintentional?) biases these answers reveal are fascinating.

Question: If the big tech companies were actual people, how would they look like? Describe them in a couple of sentences.


  • Amazon would be like a Greek statue that is the perfect embodiment of masculinity.
  • Amazon would be shaped like a body builder.
  • Amazon would definitely be a skinny nerdy guy
  • Amazon would be smart and proud
  • he would be a geeky tech guy with glasses


  • Apple would be a scrawny kid.
  • Apple would be a tall, thin long distance runner.
  • Apple would be a good looking tall, dark, handsome man with glasses and intelligence
  • Apple would be smart and sophisticated.
  • it would be tall and sexy


  • Facebook would be a bigger person who is quite a bully
  • Facebook would be 50 years old, bald and smoke a cigar.
  • Facebook would be a short, fat, annoying valley girl
  • Facebook would be attractive
  • it would be a middle aged man still hanging onto youth