Otherwise unclassifiable projects and interests are here.


I started wheel throwing last year, and it has been such a joy!

pen plotter prints

Various prints I have created using our (newly purchased) pen plotter.

the benches - Media Lab class

An interactive bench that plays audio when you sit on it (Media Lab class project).

thoughtless acts

A photographic exercise in seeing versus looking.

traceForm - Media Lab class

The final project for Hiroshi Ishii's 'Tangible Interfaces' class at the Media Lab, where we used a tactile shape display to simulate a browser environment for the visually impaired.

proof of dance - Media Lab project

A very Media Lab project that reimagines the popular Dance Dance Revolution game in the age of blockchain. How much (fake) Ethereum can you mine by doing the dance moves right? It was quite the hit all times we set it up at the Lab.