What does it mean to create technologies (and I am always thinking in terms of interfaces) with respect to how our brains work?

What is our brain like - what is it bad at doing - so that a technology would be a meaningful augmentation to it?

  • bad at recalling
  • bad at indexing
  • prioritize vision over other senses
  • a lot of cognitive biases
  • attention is so easily manipulated
  • prone to addiction
  • our excitation+reward mechanisms can be used against us

What simple cognitive “augmentations” have been successful throughout human history?

  • calendars
  • maps
  • post its
  • to do lists that we can see in their entirety with one glance (no need to unfold them for example), and we can move around
  • expiration date tags on products that need one
  • barcodes (? maybe)
  • watches / clocks
  • car horns / bike bells

The point I want to make: I know no digital technology that tries to mimic any of the above, and has been widely adopted without spurring frustration, decision fatigue and divergence of opinions.

What do these systems have that make them stay with us throughout the years?