I have been thinking of so many things lately that I always end up feeling anxious to say/do/make/rethink/re-evaluate. Maybe putting my thoughts out there on a weekly basis (hopefully) will facilitate a certain internal dialogue. I have been having trouble focusing on something for more than one hour since I started at the Media Lab - which is great given my innate love for multitasking and multithinking - but I have also been having so many more thoughts pop into my head at the same time, so in the end I just feel I forgot all the good ideas and I also didn’t get any work done. Its a kind of an information high.

Anyway - looking at my notes of this morning coffee and writing session I see the following words:

linearity / time / database / verticality / quanity / accumulation / comparison / metrics

Let me throw some thoughts out there:

  • To what extent has the notion of “sharing” been co-opted and eventually destroyed by social media? What would happen if they changed that word from “share” to its actual meaning, something along the lines of “append your data bytes to the huge information dump everyone is already grappling with”. I guess its hard to make that responsive.

  • Database and colonialism. This argument asks for much deeper understanding of geopolitical and economical modern history than I possess, but I would go as far as saying that it seems to me there are quite some things in common: indexicality, storage, retrieval, fear of deletion.

  • What do web 2.0 interfaces have to say about the above? The way we navigate the web, to me, seems very much like a colonial effort to conqueer as much and as more “shiny” information as possible. And then save it in a database.

That’s about it for today.