Kalli Retzepi is a graduate student at the Media Lab. She uses technology, design and images in order to explore the politics of digital interfaces, the narrative of the user and to imagine new metaphors for the Web.


CV and portfolio available upon request.

workshops / talks / abstracts

"You the users", Interface Critique Journal 02, forthcoming 2019

“Questions of utopia in the era of decentralisation” (co-author), XIV. Internationales Bauhaus-Kolloquium, 2019

Panelist, Interface Politics Conference, 2018

“Internet as a city”, workshop at Decentralized Web Summit, 2018

online features

clickhere - Reinvisioning the Internet, by Gary Zhexi Zhang

the quiet spaces - Rétro-design de l’attention, by Hubert Guillaud

proof of dance - on Sky News

If You Leave film photography collective, 2017 Showcase

ArtUpon feature

VelvetEyes feature

C41 Magazine feature

Graduated MIT, contemplating next steps.