internet as an object - Media Lab thesis

For my graduate thesis at the MIT Media Lab, I designed and engineered a set of playful physical objects which function as nodes of a hyper-local network, with the goal of exploring the relationship between decentralization and design.

internet as a city

If the Internet were a city, what would be its roads, buildings, and parks?


A freelance web design and development project for a publication by two young architects.


What does the browser window look like if we highlight the attention-hungry elements? I developed a Chrome plugin that automatically transforms a page to an abstract attentional tapestry.

A freelance web design and development project for a young architect.

the road to school

An interactive storytelling experience that aims to sensitize the wider audience in the issue of Syrian refugees education in their host countries.

medrec - Media Lab project

An open-source Ethereum based system to manage permissions to medical records using a blockchain.