I use code, design and words to explore the politics of digital interfaces, the narrative of the user and to imagine new metaphors for the Web. I have degrees in engineering and in neuroscience, and I am a recent alum of the MIT Media Lab. During my time at the Lab I prototyped on a variety of software and hardware projects centered around questions of interfaces, decentralization and networks.

In the past I have worked as an interaction designer and developer for Interactive Things, a Zurich-based web design, development and data visualization studio. Before that I built tools for medical imaging researchers and radiologists at Massachussets General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Recent freelance involves iterating on the design of an online learning platform on behalf of Visual Computing Group at Harvard, helping the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism develop an interactive atlas that explores how lighting in US metro areas relates to social public good, and designing/building the website for a friend's online publication.

I am currently working as a web design and development freelancer out of Brooklyn, NY, teaching at the School for Visual Arts and finally I also part of an artists collective called FOREIGN OBJECTS . Feel free to get in touch about work inquiries.


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